Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture

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دانلود مجانی ETABS V9.2.0 همراه با کرک

ETABS V9.2.0

ETABS Version 9.2.0 is now shipping and is available as a full installation or as a patch to existing installations. It includes the following significant enhancements:

New In V9.2.0

• A printed report is now available for steel and concrete frame design. This report is produced in RTF format for Microsoft Word, and contains a cover page, tables of design input values, tables of design results, and an individual design summary sheet for each selected member.

• Concrete frame design output for enveloping results has been improved to include, in a single sheet, the controlling forces/moment, stations, and load combinations, as well as the resulting rebar and/or demand/capacity ratios. This is available by right-clicking on the member for design results, or as part of the new printed design report.

• The documentation available using the Help > Documentation command can now be modified by the user. This allows you to add company standards and procedures, project data, language translations, and other documents in a single location for ease of reference.

• The “Automated Lateral Loads Manual” has been added which describes all the code-based seismic and wind loads available in ETABS and SAP2000.


Update Etabs V9.X.X To V9.2.0
(You Need Etabs V9.X Before)


Crack Of Etabs V9.2.0
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