Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture

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A Cozy New Student Center at Coventry University

Coventry student center 1 architecture

Student’s centers are those comfortable hang-out spots at universities that combine studying with social life during your years of college.

Coventry’s new student center ‘the hub’ (sited at the center of the university campus) designed by Hawkins\Brown Architects is one of the best.

Coventry student center 3 architecture

For many students at university, this is their first experience of living away from home. Coventry University in the UK tries to make that a little less of a sudden adjustment to the cruel world with a new student center that exudes cosiness, intimacy and security.

Coventry student center 6 architecture

Covering an area of 91,000 square feet and able to comfortably accommodate 1,000 students at the same time, the new student center really gives the feeling of a home away from home in what could be a large and impersonal setting for the 10,000 students enrolled at the university.