Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture

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SAOTA Builds Heavenly Bliss on Victoria's Coast

SAOTA Victoria 1 architecture

South African architects SAOTA have created a family respite from the cares of the world in this little slice of heaven on Bantry Bay in Cape Town; Victoria 73.

SAOTA Victoria 2 architecture

Bantry Bay is a popular resort area and the brief was to maximize the views on the constrained site, so all the views are to the front.

There had been a dwelling there, but as is often the case with older buildings built in what are now sought-after resort areas – the former dwelling somehow overlooked the advantages of the stunning site.

SAOTA Victoria 3 architecture

Built as a stepped “cliff front” facade, rooms above and below also command the sea views.

SAOTA Victoria 12 architecture

The firm of Stefan, Antonio, Olmesdahl and Truen Architects – SAOTA – has succeeded in realizing the brief to maximize the experience of the cliffside outlook across the water.

SAOTA Victoria 5 architecture

The relatively shallow interior steps back from the sea-facing facade, with the ceiling at double height throughout, so even the mezzanine levels rely on the bay for light and views.
SAOTA Victoria 61 architecture

The design is the epitome of elegance and luxury and great outdoor living: a far cry from the previous house, which is kept in part, to the back, but is now illegal as building code requirements have moved on.

SAOTA Victoria 71 architecture