Circular Home Floor Plan of Wood, Glass and Steel

Austrian architecture firm Kleboth Lindinger Partners created a circular home floor plan in Vandans, Austria that will have your head spinning! The timber house hints at traditional barns, blending beautifully with its pastoral surroundings. The wood, glass and steel home – the wood/glass volume enclosed in a timber frame – although boasting a rustic house style from the exterior, is modern luxury inside, through and through. The circular ground floor plan puts the owners’ daily essentials (the kitchen, living room, dining area, bedroom and bathroom) on a single open-concept level, while a terrace, gallery, porch, sauna and laboratory are housed on the upper and lower levels, respectively. Interiors are finished with rich wood and illuminated in natural light streaming in through the glass walls. A large, wind-sheltered terrace crowns the upper deck of this unusual home. Kleboth Lindinger Partners

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